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Pictures & Impressions


Impressions from our restaurants, pictures of the best meals, snapshots that make you want more. If you're too hungry, it helps to make a reservation. We have heard.

Beef tatar with sides and red wine Barkeeper prepares a longdrink Longdrink in a bar Collection of spirits Man enjoys beef tatar Burger with fries Stylish bar with stools and tables Dessert in a glass with fruits Round tables with a picture in the background Happy Valley Steakhouse & Bar from above Steak with delicious sauce Curry with rice and vegetables
Pizza chef forms a piece of dough Cook spins a piece of dough in the air Delicious pizza Hawaii Pizza chef takes a pizza out of the oven Table in a pizzeria in St. Anton Shrimp on brown rice Napkins of a restaurant at the Arlberg Tagliolini with prawns Lighting in a restaurant Laid tables in a pizzeria Chalk board of a restaurant with a pizza on it Cook cuts a pizza into slices Modern parlour of a hotel at the Arlberg
Laid table in Thony's ski hut on the mountain Laid table in the rustic ski hut Thony's Exquisitely laid table in a hut at the Arlberg Laid table in Thony's hut People raising glasses with red wine Flickering fire in a ski hut
Nicely laid tables in Thony's ski hut Cloth hearts on a wood wall Open fireplace in a house Laid tables in front of an open fireplace Interior of Thony's ski hut at the Arlberg Cosy ambience in an alpine hut Laid tables in a rustic ski hut